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Return to Play FAQ

We need everybody to reach out to their local parks and rec department or county field coordinator to push for fields to reopen on (or before) this date! Start booking practice time slots if you can. We will need fields open to host games when the time comes which we expect will be within 2 weeks of the 6/22 date (hopefully sooner). We will get you DOH guidelines as soon as they are released.

Return to play frequently asked questions:

What are the Department of Health (DOH) Guidelines for practice and game play?
Unfortunately, we are waiting for them to provide safety standards. We have provided them with our suggested guidelines along with guidelines from various other states. We will continue to update this answer as we get more information.

How can I get my field to open up by June 22nd?
Unfortunately, many towns and Boards of Education are waiting on the DOH to provide guidelines before opening their fields. However, it is important as many people as possible reach out to their local recreation and board of educations to get them to open up. Our suggestion, for now, would be to reach out letting them now according to Executive Order 149 baseball/softball can resume with teams following the safety guidelines that will be provided by the DOH.
Towns and Boards of Education that do not open up are posing a safety risk to our community as it will force teams to funnel into the fields that are open. It is unacceptable and lazy for them not to open. Do not let them off the hook! We will provide more guidance for those that need help on an approach.

When can practices start?
Organized practices can start on 6/22.

What can my players do now to prepare for the season?

Any 'outdoor cage' can have 25 or fewer people. We also encourage all players whenever possible to have a catch following social distancing guidelines with their parents or a teammate.

What do we know about other sports starting such as soccer, lacrosse, football etc. ?

Our understanding is only no contact sports can resume on 6/22 such as Baseball, Softball, Golf, Volleyball, Tennis, etc. The sports that are "get the person with the ball"  type of sports face greater challenges in returning to play.