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May 19th the New Jersey Baseball Coalition submitted their proposal to Governor Murphy's administration for a responsible restart of baseball.  We have heard back that they have received it and that their office will be in touch. We hope this is the start of the conversation.

The New Jersey Baseball Coalition is a group of close to 8,000 small baseball businesses, non-profit recreational leagues, teams, parents, and umpires. Our baseball community can do this responsibly and safely given the chance.

Important - Please respect all opinions:
We recognize this is a very polarizing topic with some very strong opinions. First and foremost, we want everyone to respect one another. The coalition is formed with the intent to SAFELY return to the field with the approval of the Governor's administration.

Town, County, and School Field Closures:

In many cases, we have seen towns or counties closing their fields until the Fall simply to limit liability with little guidance on how best to proceed. We are urging them to revisit this mandate as conditions improve. The more fields that teams have access to, the more space can be provided in between scheduling games, to avoid a backup of crowds gathering for the next game. 

Not only would it prevent the “log jam” of games, but it would allow independent teams who use those fields a chance to play ball this summer. Many low-income teams are at the mercy of a local town, county, or school field. Encouraging towns, counties, and school fields to reconsider field closures on a month by month basis allow everybody the same opportunity of field access.