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9U (New 10s) | 3 Game Min. | 11/7 - 11/8
10U 50/70 (New 11s) | 3 Game Min. | 11/7 - 11/8
11U (New 12s) | 3 Game Min. | 11/7 - 11/8
12U 60/90 (New 13s) | 3 Game Min. | 11/7 - 11/8
13U (New 14s) | 3 Game Min. | 11/7 - 11/8
14U (New 15s) | 3 Game Min. | 11/7 - 11/8
15/16U (New 16/17s) | 3 Game Min. | 11/7 - 11/8
18U Wood Bat | 3 Game Min. | 11/7 - 11/8

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GENERAL LOCATION: Middlesex/Monmouth County

Please note that we use many complexes due to the number of teams entering our tournaments and cannot determine the exact complex until we begin scheduling (~10 days prior to the event). We do our best to keep teams in the same general area of the county noted above for this tournament. This allows us to focus on getting teams the right schedule by ability so as to provide a competitive tournament for teams of all skill levels! 


2020 Age Format Cost # of Umpires
9U (New 10s) 3 Game Min. 665 2
10U 50/70 (New 11s) 3 Game Min. 725 2
11U (New 12s) 3 Game Min. 725 2
12U 60/90 (New 13s) 3 Game Min. 725 2
13U (New 14s) 3 Game Min. 725 2
14U (New 15s) 3 Game Min. 725 2
15U (New 16s) 3 Game Min. 725 2
16U (New 17s) 3 Game Min. 725 2
18U Wood Bat 3 Game Min. 725 2
Questions or need help registering e-mail Bobby and Dan: 
Dan "DOC" O'Connor

Dan "DOC" O'Connor

Co-Tournament Director

Bobby Tamas

Bobby Tamas

Co-Tournament Director

USABL Team Ratings

USABL always considers each team's ability to get you the right schedule. 


Team Name Age
CJ Rebels Leonardo 9U (New 10s)
CJ Rebels Leonardo 8s 9U (New 10s)
Marlboro Mustangs (Granese) 9U 9U (New 10s)
Millburn 9U (New 10s)
PRD Select 9U (New 10s)
Rockland Elite 9U Red 9U (New 10s)
BioPitch 10U 50/70 (New 11s)
Hudson Baseball Center 10U Bombers-Black 10U 50/70 (New 11s)
New Jersey Baseball 10U 50/70 (New 11s)
Richmond County Nationals 10U 50/70 (New 11s)
Staten Island Orioles Rookies Purple 10U 50/70 (New 11s)
BC Cyclones Red 11U (New 12s)
Bonnie Seals 11U (New 12s)
NYC Freedom - Blue 11U (New 12s)
Staten Island Orioles Rookies Gray 11U (New 12s)
Staten Island Warriors 11U (New 12s)
Vernon Cyclones 11U (New 12s)
Howell Hurricanes 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
Intensity - LIT 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
makina baseball 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
PPH Red 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
PRD Select 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
Toms River Tides 12U 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
YSL Warrriors 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
CK Cardinals Blue 13U (New 14s)
CK Cardinals Red 13U (New 14s)
In the Zone Knights 13U (New 14s)
Irish Baseball 13U (New 14s)
Luna Baseball Academy 13U (New 14s)
Peninsula RiverDawgs 13U (New 14s)
PPH Team Easton Blue 13U (New 14s)
Riverdogs Baseball Club 13U (New 14s)
Sportika Gallagher Select 13U (New 14s)
Willis Otanez Baseball Academy 13U (New 14s)
BlueClaws Baseball Academy 14U 14U (New 15s)
Genovese baseball club 14U (New 15s)
Jersey Giants 14U (New 15s)
Manalapan Braves Prospects 14U (New 15s)
Millburn Millers 14U (New 15s)
Peninsula RiverDawgs 14U (New 15s)
PPH Team Easton Blue 14U (New 15s)
West Jersey Wildcats 14U (New 15s)
Jersey Giants 15/16U (New 16/17s)
OC Bombers 15/16U (New 16/17s)
Ocean Baseball 15/16U (New 16/17s)
Rattlers 15/16U (New 16/17s)
Willis Otanez Baseball Academy 15/16U (New 16/17s)
D1 Colts 18U
NNJ Voodoo 18U
NY Gothams 2020 18U