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Tournament Rules 2022

  1. All USABL Rules Apply with the exception of the below additions. -- Click here to view the other USABL Rules.

  2. 9U , 10U , 11U, 12U  TOURNAMENTS ONLY will be permitted to use 1.15 BPF certification bats. 
  • Tournament Bat Rule Chart
    • 7U  - USA Standard Bats (No Tee Ball Bats allowed)
    • 8U - USA Standard Bats (No Tee Ball Bats allowed)
    • 9U - Any bat with USA or USSSA  stamped back (except if listed below)
    • 10U- Any bat with USA or USSSA stamped back (except if listed below)
    • 11U - Any bat with USA or USSSA  stamped back (except if listed below)
    • 12U - Any bat with USA or USSSA  stamped back (except if listed below)
    • 13U - -3 BBCOR or solid wood bat
    • 14U - -3 BBCOR  or solid wood bat
    • 15U - -3 BBCOR or solid wood bat
    • 16U - -3 BBCOR or solid wood bat
    • 17U/18u -Wood Bat
  • Decertified bats:
    • 2017 USSSA DeMarini 2 3/4 Drop 10 (blue/white)* 
    • 2017 USSSA DeMarini 2 5/8 Drop 8 (green/white)* 
    • 2018 USA Bats Easton Ghost X 30-inch 
    • 2020 BBCOR Slugger Meta 33 33-inch 
    • 2018 USSSA Dirty South Bats KAMO (**Sizes)  
    • BBCOR Mattingly Balistk  
    • BBCOR Nike CX2  
    • BBCOR Slugger TPX Dynasty  
    • BBCOR Marucci CAT 5^2  
    • BBCOR Reebok TLS  
    • BBCOR Marucci Black 
  • League play will not follow this rule. View League Rules
  1. Birth Certificates/Proof Of Birth (REQUIRED): All players on your roster are required to carry some sort of proof of birth, typically a passport or birth certificate. If no proof can be provided on a player challenge, that player must be removed from the game, until proven eligible with USABL.  If USABL deems that you have an ineligible player it will be an automatic forfeit.
  2. Time Limits -- *All time limits will begin after the pregame conference**
    • Time Limit Pool Play - All pool play games will have a time limit.
      • 46/60 and 50/70:  No new inning after 1:40
      • 60/90: No new innings after 1:50
      • Extra Innings: If the time has not expired teams will play extra innings until time expires. Games can end in a tie in pool play.
    • Playoffs Time Limit: Same as pool play. If still tied after the time limited has expired we will use the playoff tiebreaker (See Below)
    • Championship Time Limit - No time limit unless it is deemed necessary by Tournament Director.  Play until there is a winner. The higher seed will be the home team. 
    • Playoff Tie Breaker After Time Has Expired - Last batted out from the previous inning will be placed at 1st Base, second to last batted out will be placed at 2nd base and the third to last batted out will be placed at 3rd base. The team at-bat will start the inning with 1-Out. The game will resume and continue every inning like this until one team is ahead at the end of a complete inning.
  3. Tie Breakers (Only exception to the below would be when teams are tied in points, the tie breaker would go to the team with more wins)

    • Two-Way Tie Breaker: When two teams finish in a tie for a playoff or tournament spot the following tie breaking formula will be used. {Please note you cannot break a 3+ way tie using a 2-way tie breaker, the 3+ way tie breaker must be used in that case}

      1. Head to Head

      2. Fewest Runs Allowed

      3. Runs Scored

      4. Highest single-game run differential. 

      5. Lowest single-game runs allowed.

      6. Highest single-game runs scored. 

      7. Coin Flip

    • Three or more tie-breaker: When three or more teams are tied.

      1. When all tied teams have played each other and one team has beaten ALL the other tied teams without a loss, that team will be awarded the playoff spot. All teams must have played each other to use this.

      2. Fewest Runs Allowed

      3. Runs Scored

      4. Highest single-game run differential. 

      5. Lowest single-game runs allowed.

      6. Highest single-game runs scored. 

      7. Coin Flip
  4. Home/Away team: A coin flip by the umpire will determine home teams for all pool play games. In playoff rounds, the higher seed will be the home team.

  5. Dugout assignment: The team traveling the farthest will occupy the first base dugout. If there is a dispute the umpire or on site director will choose dugout assignments for the teams.

  6. Between Innings warm up time limit: Teams are limited to 2 minutes between innings to warm up. The 2 minutes starts after the last out in the previous inning. A coach or another player should be prepared to warm up your pitcher if needed.

  7. 8 Run Rule will be in effect for all games including playoff rounds and championship games. All field sizes after 5 innings.

  8. 10 Run Rule will be in effect for all games including playoff rounds and championship games. 10 runs after 4 innings on all field sizes

  9. 15 Run Rule will be in effect for all games including playoff and championship rounds. 15 runs after 3 innings.

  10. 8U Only: Maximum of 5 runs per inning for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd inning only. The 4th, 5th and 6th will be unlimited runs

  11. 8U Only: 8U teams can steal 3rd base ONLY. Runners cannot steal 2nd base or home under any circumstance. The runner cannot advance home on a passed ball, wild pitch, overthrow back to the pitcher or overthrow on a play at 3rd. There is no limit on steals per inning.

  12. 7U Only: 4 outfielders at 7U is allowed

  13. Speed up rule: It is mandatory to have a player not in the line up or the last batted out run for the catcher with 2 outs. The catcher is defined as the player who will be catching in the following inning.

  14. No pre-game practice will be allowed on the infield. Practice prior to the game will be limited to the outfield.

  15. Rosters: All rosters must be submitted prior to the tournament

    • All players must play in at least 1 pool play game to qualify for the playoff or championship games.

    • If it is a 3 game minimum and the 3rd game is your playoff game we will count that as a pool play game.

  16. Score Reporting: The official scoring for the game will be submitted by the umpires to the tournament director. Both teams are asked to keep score in their own books.

  17. Tournament Roster Size: 46/60 & 50/70 rosters are limited to 15 players at the 60/90 level rosters are limited to 16 players max

    • Frazier Elite World Series and any showcase tournaments will be allowed a roster of 20 players.

  18. No protest will be accepted with the exception of a roster protest, which should be addressed to the umpires during the game and will be handled immediately at the field. No protest will be accepted after the game is final.

  19. Awards: Only the winner of the tournament will receive awards. There are no awards for second place.

  20. Rain Out Policy:

    Tournaments:  Teams that cancel out of a tournament with notice of 11 days or more will be refunded in full.  Teams that cancel within 10 days prior to the tournament start date will forfeit their registration fee (no refund.)
    1. In case of inclement weather we will follow the below refund policy:

    2. No games played. Full refund less $50 administration fee.
    3. 1 game played:
      • 1 Day Tourney = 50% refund or credit
      • 3 Game Minimum Tournament = 60% refund or credit
    4. 2 games played (3 Game Minimum Tournament) = $100 credit towards another USABL event (League, Tournament, Camp) or $50 towards your original payment method
    5. 3 games played or more = no refund
  21. Defensive Conference: 1 free trip per inning (per pitcher), 2nd trip in the inning pitcher must come out.

  22. In all disputes the final decision rests with USABL.

  23. All teams, coaches, players and parents will follow the USABL Code of Conduct.

25. USABL Pitch Count Rule:

  • 8U - 12U - 85 Pitches per day: Next day games: 40 Pitches in a game
    •  Next day Pitch Count only applies if a pitcher throws 40 or more pitches the previous day. 
  • 13U + (Includes New 13s, Fall) - No pitch count rules will apply
  • Pitchers can finish batter when the maximum number has been reached
  • It is the coach's responsibility to track pitch counts and meet between innings to make sure their pitch counts line up. In areas of disagreement, the pitch count will default to the home team's records.
  • USABL encourages all parents/coaches to monitor their player's arms beyond these rules. Since many players play on multiple teams from rec, school to travel it is very important the parents/coaches take on the responsibility to monitor their players.

26. Forfeits in pool play or playoffs - All forfeits will result in 6-0 win (9-12u) or 7-0 win (13-18u). NOTE: Forfeits in a 6-inning game will be ruled a 6-0 win for the opposing team. Forfeits in a 7 inning game will be ruled 7-0 win for the opposing team **If a game is called a forfeit during the game for any reason, the score shall be recorded under the forfeit rule as stated above**

27. Official Game - ALL games called due to the weather by the umpires or the tournament director that cannot be resumed will be considered complete after 4 innings or 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead. If after 4 complete innings there is a tie score then it will remain a tie score if in pool play. The tournament director reserves the right to declare a game complete.

A. In a rare scenario If a tournament director determines that a suspended game be continued the game will pick up exactly where it left off.

28. Seeding when not all teams play an equal # of games:

  • Playoffs to be based off winning % since some not all teams are playing an equal amount of games. 
  • If multiple teams have 100% winning percentage but a different number of wins than the team with the most wins will be presumed a better seed than the other team.  For example, 2-0 is presumed better than 1-0.