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"We were skeptical joining a Jersey league being centered in Clarkstown, NY at first. However, the organization and accessibility of the administration and coaches in the USABL makes every minute in the car worth it. We have flirted with other leagues in our area over the last couple of years and none seem to match the effort put forth by the administrators and coaches of the USABL. We have been part of leagues that don't get umpires, don't send updates, don't send reminders for payments, don't make schedules, and don't supply baseballs. USABL is at the head of its class. I don't think I have waited longer than a half hour to get a response to an email from an administrator no matter how important the topic. It doesn't matter if its Monday afternoon, Friday night, or on a day there are 800 games someone always gets back to you. Other leagues don't take the time to make direct contact with individual programs like the USABL. I don't know if I could run my teams as efficiently if it wasn't for the help from the USABL staff. Every one of my teams is now in the USABL and others from our area are starting to follow for those reasons. Thank you!" -- PBP Drillers Organization

On behalf of the Caribbean All Stars Organization, I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to you and USABL.  Please know that the time and effort that you dedicated to our Spring Season is very important to us.  Being part of your league is an accomplishment that we will carry with us throughout our baseball journey.  Your personal and professional support contributed towards us achieving our goals and aspirations this Spring.

The USABL Amateur Baseball League holds a place deep in our heart. To say we won a championship in such an outstanding organization is something that fills us up with honor and contentment. As a coach and a mentor, today I am happy to tell you that being part of USABL has influenced our kids to keep working hard and prepare themselves for future challenges. ~ Caribbean All Starts 11U

To Brian, Bob and all your staff-It has been a great experience for our kids, our coaches and especially myself! You all do a fantastic job keeping everything running so smoothly, even with all the obstacles and last minute changes we throw at you, it's all been a great ride! I'm sure with the current group of kids, the Jersey Outlaws will continue with USABL for seasons to come! ~ Jersey Outlaws 12U 60/90

Thank you guys, and your staff at USABL, for all your hard with with logistics. I know it is not easy to get through the season. The competition was right on par for us this season as the kids progressed better than I thought they would. The parents could not have been happier and the kids had another blast this season, keep up the incredible work as the smiles from both teams say it all!  You run a well managed, limited issue baseball league and I am proud to be part of it. ~ East Windsor 12U 60/90

"I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic season of baseball. When we joined your league we had never heard of it before, we are such huge fans of yours and how you run things. It was the best baseball experience we've had to date. Thank you so much for all that you do we will definitely be playing USABL in the future and telling everyone about it." ~ Randolph Stallions

"I remember speaking with USABL last year about your spring league and even after we spoke I picked an alternative league and played with them.  Well needless to say I am with USABL this year and it is so well run it is worth every penny. Cheaper is not always better.  From the response time on emails to the website to teams you guys rock!! Thank you and look forward to many years in future."
~ Phil South Brunswick Vikings

Everyone at the NJ EXPLOSION organization thinks that you did an absolutely awesome job with the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament. THANK YOU! We understand it was your first MDWT and it was top notch. Under extremely adverse east coast conditions, an organization could not ask more from an organizer. Mother Mature threw everything she could at us but she could not beat you. From the planning, to the insane amount of hours logged, to the communication, to the ground crews and the level of competition, you created a successful memory for all involved. For us to think that each team played their full tournament schedule is a true testament to the strength of your organization.

We are glad and so very proud that the NJ EXPLOSION calls the USABL our home for leagues and tournaments. You guys do an outstanding job and you actually care about what you do. Keep up the great work. We appreciate everything you do..


I wanted to send you a note saying how well you guys handled the 2014 MDW tourney in light of all the postponements.  The up to date communication you sent out to all the coaches made things easier for us to keep our players/parents abreast of what to expect.  It was never like that in our past tourney experiences.  
It was also fun for us because the Fury played our best baseball of the season.
~ Freehold Fury 

Just wanted to thank you for another great season. Nothing better then your league. All ways a first class experience.

~Ty Justin Doyle RCBC Royals

Want to thank you for running a class act fall league and tournaments ,we played in 3 tournaments and fall and we loved the competition thanks for having us

~Bob - Hamilton Bulls

I want to thank you for all of your hard work and for the organization of the USABL. It was such a pleasure to be a part of a league that ran smoothly, was well-organized and where there was an immediate response to inquiries. The website was also a plus and was very handy for parents to access.

~Vinnie Russo - NJ Shamrocks 14U

This is an amazing organization, Schif & the Delahants put everything they have into this league and then some. Spring, Summer, Memorial Day & Fall all the leagues are so well run, you wont find a better league to participate in. 

~Scott Cichetti -- Somerville Black 11U

We've been in several leagues over the years.  What sets your program apart is your friendly approach and you respond to everyone immediately.  You update the web site immediately.  When the one team coulnd't play against us, you went out and found a team for us outside the league.  You would never get that from any other league.  That's what you call customer service (Something that doesn't exist in baseball.).

~13U Bridgewater Panthers

Thank you for a great season in a league that was ran extremely well.  Your availability on issues was secont to none and doesn't go overlooked which is why USABL is a successful league.

~NY Dynasty 9U

My experience in USABL throughout the last year with 4 teams was 100% positive, so thank you.

~Hamilton A's Black 10U and 14U

Thanks for the great umpires you send us. I wish all umpires I had through the years were as professional and on the mark as the ones you have sent us while playing in USABL.

~ 11U 50/70 JS Thunder

I have to tell you the division you placed us in the fall was 1 of the best I have had a team in. I have coaches for about 10 years now and that by far was the most evenly matched divisions I have played in, kudos to your organization.

~ 9U Halzet Hawks

I am very happy with USABL. You guys have been responsive, helpful, organzied, and courteous. Something I have not experienced with the travel league both my teams have been playing in over the past several years.

~ 14U Old Bridge Hitmen