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Rule Updates Effective 3/1/2023


Tournament Championship Time Limits:
  • Championship Time Limits:
    • 46/60 and 50/70:  No New Inning after 2:10. Tournament directors reserve the right adjust this.
    • 60/90: No New Inning after 2:20.
    • If tied after the time limited has expired we will use the playoff tiebreaker (See Below)
    • Tournament directors reserve the right adjust the time limit.
    •  The higher seed will be the home team. 
  • Playoff Tie Breaker After Time Has Expired - You will start the inning with bases loaded and 1 one out. The three previous batters to the lead-off man of that inning will occupy bases in order. Eg; with the 7th hitter leading off, batters 6-5-4 will occupy the bases in order from 1st to 3rd base. The game will resume and continue every inning like this until one team is ahead at the end of a complete inning.

League and Tournament

Mercy Run Rule: 

Will be in effect for all games including playoffs and championship games. The game will be declared over and complete in these scenarios. 

·       8 Run Rule All field sizes after 5 innings.

·       10 Run Rule 10 runs after 4 innings on all field sizes

·       15 Run Rule 15 runs after 3 innings.

·       9 inning game exceptions: Will follow 8 Runs after 8 innings, 10 runs after 7 innings, 15 runs after 6 innings

All teams have the option to bat as many players as they select. In order for a player to play defense, he must be listed in the current batting order. If a team chooses to replace a starter with a substitute, that person must be someone not in the game at all. Starters may then re-enter the game one time for the player that was substituted for him and remain in the same spot in the batting order. In addition to the above, 15U, 16U, 18U CAN also have a designated hitter as per NFHS rules. 7U - 14U will not be allowed to use the designated hitter.


50/70 and 60/90 starting pitchers only will be able to re-enter a game as a pitcher ONE time only but not if the pitcher was removed on the 2nd defensive conference in the same inning.

12.  A runner for the catcher or pitcher can be used anytime. Runners should be a player not in the batting order at the time, if available, or the last batted out. When pitchers or catchers are the last batted out, they will not be obligated to run, and the last batted out prior to them can be used. Runners are for the pitcher/catcher coming into the game next inning. Speed up rule is mandatory with 2 outs 


Balks. If teams agree to balk warnings, it can be one warning given per pitcher/per game. If no agreement between coaches, 10U and 11U 50/70 default to a warning. 12U and above default to no warning. If a balk warning is issued while the runner is attempting to steal, the runner will be given that base.
If the balk or balk warning is immediately followed by a pitch that permits the batter and each runner to advance a minimum of one base, the balk is ignored and the ball remains live.


Defensive Conferences: 1 free per inning, per pitcher. The 2nd defensive conference in the inning to the same pitcher must result in the pitcher coming out. A defensive conference is identified as any meeting with the coach or non playing representative.



Suggested Pitch Count Guidelines:

Since it is very challenging to track pitches not only in our events but across other organizations these are strongly suggested guidelines for every coach and parent to follow for their child. It is the responsibility of the parent and coach to make sure players follow these guidelines. Only you know how many pitches have been thrown to track across various leagues, tournaments, practices, etc. If it becomes apparent that a coach/parent is abusing a player's arm we reserve the right to remove them from future events.

Here are the suggested pitch-smart guidelines put out by the MLB. For more information on recommend pitch counts view here: