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USABL Rule Updates 2020

New mechanics for ALL USABL games, regardless of sport, age, or level.

1 Umpire Games:

  • You have everything from behind the mound – plate gear optional

2 Umpire Games:

    • Call balls and strikes behind mound – plate gear optional
    • All plays at 2nd and 3rd
    • All fly balls unless your partner goes out
    • Plays at 1st if your partner goes out or rotates to plate
    • Plays at the plate that originate in the infield
    • Batter/Catcher interference
    • Foul balls on left field line
    • Positioned in regular A position.
    • Responsible for all initial plays at 1st base
    • Rotate home anytime a runner is heading to 3rd. Doesn’t matter if that runner started at 2nd, 1st, or was the batter. If a runner crosses second and looks like they’re going to 3rd, then you go to the plate.
    • Responsible for pickoffs at 1st. Position yourself closer to first when there’s a runner on 1st. Don’t start all the way back like you would if there was no one on.
    • Trouble balls center field towards right foul line.
    • All foul balls on first base line.
    • If you go out, stay out
    • Tag up plays at plate
  • Both umpires
    • Balks
    • Check Swings
    • Foul balls in the box

Important USABL Rule Updates 2/24/20:

Sportsmanship Rules:

  • Coaches, players, and spectators arguing with or heckling umpires during gameplay will result in immediate ejection and a 2 game suspension for a first offense, 1 year for 2nd offense, a lifetime for 3rd offense. Gameplay will not resume until the offending person(s) leave the field of play. If they refuse to leave the field, the game will be ended and result in a forfeit.
  • Heckling pitchers or batters is not permitted under any circumstance. This means no chanting, fence shaking or any other kind of loud outburst when the pitcher is in their windup or on the mound. Umpires may warn then eject those involved along with the head coach. However, if deemed warranted by the umpire an immediate ejection may be applied.
  • No arguing balls/strikes under any circumstance. 
  • Coaches are responsible for their teams' parents and, in some cases, may be ejected for a parent's actions.
  • Coach, player or parent ejections for extreme behavior may result in a lifetime ban from USABL.
14. USABL Pitch Count Rule:
  • 8U - 75 Pitches in a day
    • Next day games: 40 Pitches in a game
      • It only applies if a pitcher throws 40 or more pitches the previous day. 
  • 9U - 12U - 85 Pitches
    • Next day games: 40 Pitches in a game
      • It only applies if a pitcher throws 40 or more pitches the previous day. 
  • 13U - 14U - 95 Pitches
    • Next day games: 40 Pitches in a game
      • It only applies if a pitcher throws 40 or more pitches the previous day. 
  • Pitchers can finish batter when the maximum number has been reached
  • It is the coach's responsibility to track pitch counts and meet between innings to make sure their pitch counts line up. In areas of disagreement, the pitch count will default to the home team's records.
  • USABL encourages all parents/coaches to monitor their player's arms beyond these rules. Since many players play on multiple teams from rec, school to travel it is very important the parents/coaches take on the responsibility to monitor their players.
Balk Warnings:
29.  If teams agree to balk warnings, it can be one warning given per pitcher/per game. If no agreement between coaches, 10u and 11u 50/70 default to a warning. 12u and above default to no warning. If a balk warning is given and the runner is attempting to steal, the runner will be given that base. Balk warnings are delayed dead ball, in case batter gets a hit, we don't want the offense to be penalized. However, per high school rules, actual balks are immediate dead ball.
Slap Bunt/Slashing Not Allowed at 46/60 or 50/70:
35. No slap bunt/slashing is allowed in any 46/60 and 50/70 division. A “slap or slash bunt” is defined as the act of showing or faking a bunt and swinging at the pitch instead. A slap or slash bunt will automatically be ruled a strike and a dead ball whether the batter makes contact with the ball or not.
Time Limit Update:

All Time limit clock starts at end of plate conference, not at first pitch.