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USABL Rating System

Below is the USABL rating system we use for our teams:

  • Level 1: Reserved for the weakest divisions and would be equivalent to a "C" level rec team. 
  • Level 2: Weaker “B” level team or a stronger “C” level team should be rated a 2. One pitcher that consistently throws strikes should bring your team to a level 2 or 3.
  • Level 3: Average “B” level team with 1-2 consistent pitchers. No “A” level teams should be a 3 rating.
  • Level 4: “A” level team with 2-3+ good pitchers and strong offense. You should have an All-Star caliber team.
  • Level 5:  Strong “A” level team and can challenge any team with confidence.

*The rating system is not perfect. It is a guide for us to use when assessing your team's division placement along with team history, location and past performance (if available).