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7U | 3 Game Min | 7/18-7/19
8U | 3 Game Min | 7/18-7/19
9U | 3 Game Min | 7/18-7/19
10U | 3 Game Min |7/18-7/19
11U | 3 Game Min | 7/18-7/19
12U | 3 Game Min | 7/18-7/19
13U | 3 Game Min | 7/18-7/19
14U | 3 Game Min | 7/18-7/19

Click Here or e-mail to lock up your spot!


Please note that we use many complexes due to the number of teams entering our tournaments and cannot determine the exact complex until we begin scheduling (~10 days prior to the event). We do our best to keep teams in the same general area of the county noted above for this tournament. This allows us to focus on getting teams the right schedule by ability so as to provide a competitive tournament for teams of all skill levels! 


2020 Age Format Cost # of Umpires
7U 3 Game Min. 605 1
8U 3 Game Min. 605 1
9U 3 Game Min. 665 2
10U 3 Game Min. 665 2
11U 3 Game Min. 725 2
12U 3 Game Min. 725 2
13U 3 Game Min. 725 2
14U 3 Game Min. 725 2
Questions or need help registering e-mail Bobby and Dan: 
Bobby Tamas

Bobby Tamas

Co-Tournament Director

Dan "DOC" O'Connor

Dan "DOC" O'Connor

Co-Tournament Director

USABL Team Ratings

USABL always considers each team's ability to get you the right schedule. 

Registered Teams as of 3/9/2020 - Next Update will be on 3/23/2020

Team Name Age
Dawgs 7U
DreamChasers Academy 7U
Freehold 7U
Rebels Red 7U
Cougars Baseball 8U
Cheshire Reds 8U
DreamChasers Academy 8U
Line Drive Baseball 8U
Wolfpack Warriors 8U
Cardinals 9U
DreamChasers Academy 9U
Long Hill 9U
Old Bridge Lightning 9U
Toms River Bombers 9U
Easton Riverdawgs Black 10U
Hudson Baseball Center 10U
Manchester Bombers 10U
NJ WildThings 10U
North Edison Blue Devils 10U
Sportika Gallagher 10U
The North Jersey Cardinals White 10U
Untamed Baseball 10U
Zoned Redhawks Elite 10U
AD Titans 11U
Chatham Blue 11U
Full Count Futures 11U
Hit N Run Outlaws B 11U
Larchmont Mamaroneck Wildcats 11U
Mt. Olive Marauders 11U
Passaic Valley Jr. Hornets 11U
South Amboy Hurricanes - Blue 11U
Sportika Gallagher Select 11U
Untamed Baseball 11U
Zoned Redhawks Elite 11U
Bridgewater 12U
Cage Academy Select 12U
Cage Futures 12U
Jersey Cadets 12U
Line Drive Academy 12U
Line Drive Baseball 12U
Mount Olive Mauraders 12U
NJ WildThings 12U
NY Gothams 11/12 12U
OOTP Cyclones Blue 12U
OOTP Cyclones Grey 12U
Paterson Silk City Sluggers 12U
The Hot Corner Ducks 12U
Baseball U North 13U
Cage Academy Futures 13U
Holmdel Hornets Blue 13U
In The Zone Knights 13U
Line Drive Baseball 13U
NJ Moose 13U
OOTP Cyclones 13U
Pro Skills 13U
Sportika Gallagher Select 13U
Staten Island Orioles 13U
Taconic Rangers 13U
Takeover Baseball 13U
Untamed Baseball Gold 13U
Upper Deck Green 13U
Upper Deck White 13U
West Essex Warriors 13U
AD Titans 14U
AKADEMA- Piscataway Triple Play 14U
Drillers Baseball NY 14U 14U
In The Zone Cavaliers 14U
NJ Juggernauts Baseball 14U
OOTP Cyclones 14U
Richmond county Americans 14U
Sportika Gallagher Select 14U
Team Crush Baseball 2024 14U
The North Jersey Cardinals White 14U
Untamed Baseball Blue 14U
Upper Deck 14U
Zoned Redhawks Prospects 14U