Team Name Age
Central Jersey Rebels Black 7U (New 8s)
Central Jersey Rebels Purple 7U (New 8s)
Hillsborough 7U 7U (New 8s)
Central Jersey Rebels Black 8U (New 9s)
Central Jersey Rebels Purple 8U (New 9s)
Hopewell Valley Bulldogs 8U (New 9s)
NY Gothams 8U (New 9s)
Richmond Titans White 8s 8U (New 9s)
Rockland Elite Red 8U (New 9s)
Sayen Park Warriors 8U (New 9s)
Central Jersey Rebels 9U (New 10s)
ebbl brown bears 9U (New 10s)
Hamilton A's Xtreme 9U (New 10s)
ITZ Knights 9U (New 10s)
Mercer Aces Rville 9U (New 10s)
Millburn 9U 9U (New 10s)
Millburn Millers Gray 9U (New 10s)
Nutley Raiders 9U (New 10s)
South Wall Storm 9U (New 10s)
The North Jersey Cardinals 9U (New 10s)
Bc Cyclones Red 10U 50/70 (New 11s)
Bc Cyclones White 10U 50/70 (New 11s)
Mercer Aces 10U 50/70 (New 11s)
NJ Axemen 10U 50/70 (New 11s)
Richmond County Americans 10U 50/70 (New 11s)
Axemen Select 11U 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
Bc Cyclones 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
Central Jersey Rebels Black 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
Central Jersey Rebels Purple 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
CK Cardinals Red 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
DHAA Knights 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
Fair Haven Diamonds 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
Hamilton A's Select 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
Lawrence Thunder 11U 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
Sayen Park Sluggers 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
West Jersey WIldcats 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
West Windsor Warriors 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
Zoned Redhawks Select 11U 50/70 (New 12s)
.9ers Baseball Club 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
Central Jersey Rebels 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
Hillsborough Raiders 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
NY Gothams 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
Oakland Braves 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
Sayreville Riverdogs 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
Zoned Redhawks Elite 12U 60/90 (New 13s)
.9ers Baseball Club 13U (New 14s)
Hamilton A's 13U (New 14s)
Hamilton A's Green 13U (New 14s)
Hamilton A’s Green 13U (New 14s)
ITZ Knights 13U (New 14s)
North Penn Raiders 13U (New 14s)
NY Gothams 13U (New 14s)
Prospects Baseball Academy 13U (New 14s)
South Shore Elite 13U (New 14s)
The North Jersey Cardinals 13U (New 14s)
Vernon Baseball 13U (New 14s)
West Jersey Wildcats 13U (New 14s)
Zoned Redhawks Elite 13U (New 14s)
Zoned Redhawks Select 13U (New 14s)
Baseball U North 14U (New 15s)
ITZ Knights 14U (New 15s)
Jersey Shore Wave 14U (New 15s)
Lower Bucks Prospects 14U (New 15s)
PPH Team Easton Blue 14U (New 15s)
Prospects Baseball Academy 14U (New 15s)
The North Jersey Cardinals 14U (New 15s)
Wall Wildcats 14U (New 15s)
Bridgewater Cobras 15U (New 16s)
Bucks County Xtreme 15U (New 16s)
Go The Distance Bulldogs 15U (New 16s)
ITZ Knights Scout 15U (New 16s)
PPH Team Easton 15U (New 16s)
Santos Baseball 15U (New 16s)
The North Jersey Cardinals 15U (New 16s)
Jersey Shore Wave 16U (New 17s)
North Jersey Horned Frogs 16U (New 17s)
.9ers Baseball Club 17/18U (New 18/19s)
Baseball U North Orange 17/18U (New 18/19s)
Old Bridge Knights 17/18U (New 18/19s)