USABL Rating System

  • USABL will do our best to place teams by ability using the USABL Rating System (see below).
  • Our tournaments are open to ALL teams!

Team Rating Information:

  • 1 Rating: You should have a very weak team. There should be very few 1 rated teams. 1 rated teams would be “C” level teams, which can be compared to rec teams.
  • 2 Rating: You should be a weaker “B” level team or a stronger “C” level team. If you have one pitcher that is decent, it could bring your team from a 2 to a 3 or 4 rated team.
  • 3 Rating: You are a “B” level team. If you are not a “B” level team, you should be a 4 or 5 rated team. No “A” level teams should be a 3 rating unless you are a very weak All-Star Caliber team.
  • 4 Rating: You are an “A” level team. You have an All-Star Caliber team.
  • 5 Rating: You are a strong “A” level team and can challenge any team with confidence.
  • *The rating system is not perfect; it is a guide for us.