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The USABL has been established with the sole purpose of promoting the character, citizenship, and community development of our youth by encouraging sportsmanship, fair play, and fellowship through baseball. The USABL strives to ensure the safety of its players and impart the necessary techniques and fundamentals while placing the welfare of our players first and entirely free of any adult drive for glory.

It is imperative that all individuals, including parents and guardians of baseball players, as well as all adults associated with or participating in the USABL, comply with the following code of conduct. This code applies to all off-the-field interactions, including but not limited to text, email, and social media communications, as well as all on-the-field activities. To preserve the ideals of youth sports, the USABL requires adherence to the following standards of conduct:

  • Do not physically or verbally abuse anyone in the program.
  • No physical altercation will be tolerated. Fighting in public is a misdemeanor.
  • No smoking (on the field) during practice or at game time.
  • Show respect for all parents/guardian, opponents, officials and coaches at all times. Do not argue with or criticize the game officials, the opposing team, the opposing coaches or fans, by word of mouth or gesture.
  • Maintain at ALL times a high level of safety awareness.
  • Do not use abusive, profane, vulgar or other offensive language and gestures.
  • No consumption or use of alcoholic beverages is allowed during practice or at game time. Drinking in public is a misdemeanor.
  • Do not incite unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Do not seek to undermine the authority of the USABL or the umpires
  • Do set an example by your personal conduct at all times.
  • Do remember that winning at all costs is not a message we wish to impart to our youth. Instead, we want them to have fun, play safe competitive baseball and to encourage sportsmanship.
  • Clean up after your team and fans, remove all trash from the stands and dugout. No one should have to clean up after your team.
  • Always abide by a doctor’s decision in all matters of health, injuries and ability to play

USABL shall have the authority to penalize the offender according to the degree of infraction: from warning to a removal from the game and/or league/tournament (a warning is at USABL’s discretion). Any physical contact with an umpire will cause offender to be suspended from the remainder of league/tournament.

All coaches, parents and players agree to the 24 Hour Rule requirements. The 24 hour rule is a standard our program uses to prevent heated discussions and general decision making immediately following a game. USABL will not discuss a game or situation until at least 24 hours have passed. It is essentially a cooling off period that removes emotion from the conversation, which allows both parties to collect their thoughts prior to speaking about any issues.  This rule does two things.  First, it moves the discussion away from the presence of players.  Second, it allows all parties to have time to put things in perspective and "cool off", if necessary.