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Fall Softball

USABL Softball Fall League Format:

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  • Format: 4 double headers  + all teams make the playoffs
    • Regular season games will be scheduled for SATURDAY
      • If both teams agree to move to Sunday, that is okay too
  • Game Dates:
    • Regular Season Dates - 9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30
    • Make-up/Off weekend - 10/7 (Columbus Day Weekend)
    • Playoffs - 10/14, 10/15, 10/21
  • USABL Rating System (very important): This is one of the most distinguishing features of USABL! We will use our rating system while also studying your team's prior history (if available) to get proper placement. It is key to get this right so all teams can play 2-1 type of softball at their skill set.
  • Pay & Play: Pay 1 registration fee for everything!
    • We schedule and pay for neutral umpires (no more cash at the field!)
    • 1 dozen softballs
    •  Team insurance for all USABL events and leagues 
    • Near 24x7 customer service
    • Interactive website and mobile app
  • League Fee:
    • 8U - 16U - $399 (promotional rate) -- 1 Umpire
    • High School - $830 -- 2 Umpires
  • Age Groups: The fall is all about preparing for the Spring!
    • Age cut off date is December 31st
    • We will be using 2018 ages meaning your team should play in the age group you plan on playing in Spring 2018.
    • New 8U is 2009 and under
    • New 10U is 2007 and under
    • New 12U is 2005 and under
    • New 14U is 2003 and under
    • New 16U is 2001 and under
    • High School is 1999 and under

USABL Rating System

1 Rating: This would be a very weak team. There should be very few 1-rated teams. 1-rated teams would be “C” level teams, which can be compared to rec teams.

2 Rating: This would be a weaker “B” level team or a stronger “C” level team. If you have one pitcher that is strong, it could bring your team from a 2 to a 3 or 4 rated team.

3 Rating: You have a “B” level team. If you are stronger than a “B” level team, you should be a 4 or 5 rated team. No “A” level teams should be a 3 rating unless you are a very weak All-Star Caliber team.

4 Rating: You are an “A” level team. You have an All-Star Caliber team. This is where most solid town All-Star teams rate themselves. Many teams fall between the 3 and 4  level which would put you at a 3.5 rating.

5 Rating: You are a strong “A” level team and can challenge any team with confidence.

*The rating system is not perfect; it is a guide for us. As always, we will consider your team's rating, prior records (if available), and location when creating divisions.

USABL Softball

USABL Softball

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Every team wants to stay local while having a competitive schedule. Our goal is to pay extra attention to this to get a balance between both for all teams!

No one wants to waste their time winning or losing by 15+ runs. Matching a powerhouse club team up against an average town team is a waste of time for both sides. We will do our research to avoid these type of mismatches by breaking teams into the proper skill level divisions!

Halloween Havoc Tournament

End of season tournament!
1-Day Style
10/28 (Saturday): New 10s & New 14s
10/29 (Sunday): New 12s & New 16s