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Fall League


Get ready for the largest fall season yet!

  • Over 1000 teams playing with USABL in the Fall ages 7U – 18U
  • Days Games are played:
    • 7U – 13U play on Saturday
    • 14U – 16U have their choice to play Saturday or Sunday.
    • 18U plays on Sunday
  • We will use 2017 Ages still (not 2018, next, new or rising)
  • We will continue to use 2017 Spring/Summer ages for the fall. Whatever your league age was this past Spring/Summer remains your league age.
  • Example, if your team was 10U in the Spring you will remain 10u in the Fall.
  • 10U will have their choice to play 50/70 or 46/60. Most of the 3+ rated teams choose 50/70
  • 11U  will be 50/70
  • 12U (New 13s) will be making the jump to 60/90
    • Please note 95% of the teams will choose to play at 60/90 and it is encouraged to make this jump.
  • Opening Day is set for September 9th
  • 10 Game Minimum: 9 Regular Season Games + 1 Guaranteed playoff Game.
  • 7-week regular season, week 8 is round 1 of the playoffs (10/28-10/29)
    • 1-2 double headers and the rest are single games
  • Game Location: Half home / half away. If you cannot get a home field we do access to some neutral fields or can put you at your opponents field.
  • USABL is an all-inclusive league meaning you pay one fee for all of the following:
    • We set the divisions based on skill level and location
    • Create each individual team's schedule
    • Assign and pay independent umpires weekly
    • Distribute baseballs
    • Insure all teams
    • Stay on-call during game time to field any problems that may arise all while continuously updating the website with baseball news, scores and standings (typically within 24 hours of the game being played). With over 600 games being played every Saturday, you can imagine how much time and effort goes into each 10-game season.
    • You just need to show up and play!
  • We schedule independent umpires for your games so there is no advantage as a result of the hometown team paying umpires directly
    • This also removes the hassle of having to coordinate umpires each week.
  • Our website and mobile app are updated continuously throughout the week to keep teams up to speed with scores and standings as well as news updates. Our website/mobile app allows for a better experience for your parents, players, and coaches.

Below is the rating system we use for our teams:

  • 1 Rating: You should have a very weak team. There should be very few 1 rated teams. 1 rated teams would be “C” level teams, which can be compared to rec teams.
  • 2 Rating: You should be a weaker “B” level team or a stronger “C” level team. If you have one pitcher that is decent, it could bring your team from a 2 to a 3 or 4 rated team.
  • 3 Rating: You are a “B” level team. If you are not a “B” level team, you should be a 4 or 5 rated team. No “A” level teams should be a 3 rating unless you are a very weak All-Star Caliber team.
  • 4 Rating: You are an “A” level team. You have an All-Star Caliber team.
  • 5 Rating: You are a strong “A” level team and can challenge any team with confidence. *The rating system is not perfect; it is a guide for us.

As always, we will consider your teams rating, prior records (if available), and location when creating divisions.